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The information shown on a locating drawing will be overall sizes, levels and references to assembly drawings. They are intended to show the location of the works, not detail (a common mistake). The location drawings, which can be plans, elevation or sections, are numbered consecutively with the prefix L.



Estimating the cost of building a new home helps plan for the features you want, while staying within your basic budget. American home-building calculations exclude the property price, planters, driveway, sidewalks and landscaping around the property. The estimate also excludes pre-construction work such as lot grading and connecting utilities. Building costs vary with the individual contractor mark-up, geographic location and area labor costs. Costs also fluctuate with material shortages, such as wood for framing trusses. The features you select determine your final building costs, but looking at the basic blueprint details offers a general per-square-foot estimate.


Survey information is an important requirement for land development and land use planning. An extensive range of current and historical survey documents are available in a variety of formats. Although some documents are available to the general public, the majority are only accessible to authorized users.